We are all in this together, the crypto BS sandwich.

Indra Tor
8 min readNov 15, 2022


Hello all, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. I have always wanted to use a blog to talk about issues I see and things that are going on in my life, and I never meant it to be just another farming method.

This is why I have not written one in such a long time.

However, I have sat back and watched the space grow and change over the last year, and many peeps who started with me and most of the space saw a great chance and opportunity. Everyone was coming together for a common cause. Almost this sense of creation and hotness was in the air where anything we discussed could be done. It was electric, and it was great.

If I were to speak honestly to these peeps now, many would have lost that passion. Why? is the question, and the answer to that is complex, and there are a lot of different factors at play, but it boils down to

Mostly the space is full of BS.

Let me be clear the space is full of lovely peeps, great artists and kind peeps who have helped and been there and always try, but the whole space is BS.

The space sells itself to you, the lovely artist or, as they like to call you these days, builders, Yet these so-called peeps who call you builders don’t give two shits about anything you build.

It’s the new buzzword it replaced WAGMI. Remember that?

It sells itself by promising you that we are all in this together. Don’t worry. It’s all decentralised, and peeps want to help and come together.

After spending a year of so-called building and experiencing the space. Listening to countless other artists and builders and repeatedly encountering the same problems. The same things keep popping up.

It’s always the same. It’s hard to find peeps who are interested. Peeps ghost you. The only peeps interested in your project want money to promote it. Peeps tell you that they want to help but don’t.

You need more Twitter followers and more bots. Your discord needs to be hotter. You need more retweets. The list goes on and on, and the only answer is the majority of the space is just full of BS.

It’s not just the influencers. It’s everything. At the start, artists all stuck together and tried to help out. Now, a lot of artists stick to Twitter groups. I know artists who have bitched about other artists and their groups of artists who won’t support certain artists.

I am pretty sure I am on that list with some peeps I used to talk to a fair amount but now outright ignore me for the most part, and this is fine. I expect to be disliked by some.

However, do I like that artists have almost created tiny bubbles for themselves and split into groups and only want to help certain artists out etc. no, it’s BS. Even if a project is being pushed to help artists in the long run, they won’t retweet or support it because of what? What’s the reason?

Artists trying to find exposure is the single most challenging thing in this space, and there are better answers than Twitter for most of them. There have been projects that have tried opening galleries and have attempted to support artists and push them. Even my project has a gallery built into every store where peeps can view work 24 hours a day.

I am not the only one. I have spoken to many other peeps who have tried to build things for artists, and what happens? The vast majority do nothing and do not give a shit.


Because it’s not an NFT sale, it’s not bringing me Eth, and it’s taking to much effort. That person hasn’t retweeted me in a week, so fuck them. I have sat back and watched and looked on in frustration at artists not supporting artists, especially projects built to help them out.

I have also sat and become annoyed at hearing stories of artists trying to build something only to be ignored by artist friends and other people because they are too busy saying GM.

Also, we are still listening to peeps who we shouldn’t be listening to. Plenty of peeps claim to help, and I will be specific here with this one.

I am SICK TO THE BACK TEETH of seeing tweets by peeps SAYING we need to support more females in the space and THEN DOING FUCK ALL to help.

I have even sat and read thread after thread where women are tagging women on mass, explaining what they are doing, and telling these peeps about it and guess what? THEY DON’T REPLY OR FOLLOW ANY OF THEM.

Can we please STOP the Twitter female farming from peeps who don’t give two shits about supporting females in the space?

Another is an undervalued project, which I should follow, and it’s the SAME SHIT. There is always something. I would love to lose it and call names out of Twitter accounts that I find full of shit, even though they have thousands of followers and are championed by the space. I see them being sexist. I see them ignoring peeps. I see they said one thing but then did nothing. The space is BS, and is there good people? Sure, I have good peeps around me. I equally see the struggle. Is it a case that you are not working hard enough? The answer to that is NO.

I have worked every day in this space; I do podcasts, art, and freelance work. I help artists. I created my own business. I help peeps privately, I study the list goes on and on.

The space, however, has zero interest in what you do unless you have a token to sell, or you can BS them as FTX did. The thing that makes me laugh about all of this is.


Suddenly you have a 35-hour twitter space where 300k people ended up tuning in. NOTHING IN THIS SPACE has ever gathered crypto people more than losing money.

Suddenly everyone in the crypto space is tweeting. We need to stick together. We need to work better together.


You are the giant BS sandwich. IT took a 30-year-old BRO to brick your whole wealth for you to suddenly PRETEND LIKE YOU GIVE A FUCK.

Oh, NOOOOO, we need to come together and work things out. HOW about you work things out EVERY DAY? How about you STEP UP every day, push the space, do good, and seek out good projects, builders, and not peeps who are backing their whole wealth on a TOKEN.

What is it with crypto peeps and STALKING AND FUCKING TOKENS? It’s like AKUZA RUGGED. YOU ALL LOST HALF it’s VALUE, and yet you ALL still come out when and PRAISED it when brought stalking


I honestly don’t get, Apes down, cool cats down, deadfellas down, Azuka down, goblins down, INSERT PFP project here DOWN.

If this were a stock market, it would have been GAME FUCKING OVER, yet you are all still making spaces talking about BLUE CHIPS AND HOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE PROJECT.

And then it took you losing BILLIONS to finally WAKE UP and go. Maybe we need to do something.


If you want the wild west, which crypto is, and I am all for it, I support the ability for anyone to come on here and try and make it. There’s no roadblock. You don’t need to fuck someone to make it to the top. You don’t need to be someone’s friend, and you don’t need to take backhanders.

THAT’S THE DREAM THAT IS CRYPTO. That’s the dream that’s sold. I have a Vagina, and still, I should be able to come on here and shoot my shot. We are all told it’s an EVEN PLAYING FIELD.

I support that FULLY but if that’s what we want, if that’s what all you BROs have signed up to, and if that’s what we want it to be with no regulations and no governments or anyone telling you, hey, you can’t do that.


Because, and here is the kicker, NO ONE IS FUCKING BAILING YOU OUT. There’s no mommy or government to hold it off.

YET STILL, we see people who have zero fucking clue making Twitter spaces BITCHING about things left and right, trying to convince people this is the NEXT BIG PROJECT. Like tons of you did WITH FTX, no doubt.

How many of these people you listen to now stood there and told you about FTX and how amazing it was? Even Kevin O Leary was praising that shit.

Did any of you vet it? Did anyone look deep into this project before sinking millions and millions into it.

No, of course not. You just listened to some bot-riden Twitter blue check ape fucking account telling you.

And this is why this SPACE is full of BS because even now, after this crash, it will affect peeps trying to make an honest living.

They all talk about how hard times are coming and how we need to stick together. BUT IS THERE ANY CHANGE ANY OF THESE PEEPS going to do ANYTHING to better challenge or hold projects to higher standards?

No, of course not. Instead, the vast majority of the 300k people who tuned in to that space will DO nothing.

Some people are trying to do some good with crypto, NFTs, and artists and trying their hardest to push every little bit of themselves into it.

Sleepless nights check, crushing rejection check, fucking up friendships check, destroying relationships check, screwing over their health check, not having a life, you better fucking believe it.

And what do these peeps get? What do they get for honestly trying to do good where all it would take is one peep bigger than them to shine a light on it and push it or a group of artists to rally behind it and make a huge shout and dance about it


but they still carry on, and THAT is the peeps you SHOULD support. Those are the peeps you want to BUILD YOUR EXCHANGES AND FUTURE projects.

Those are the peeps you need, not some rich fund kid who is bored and PISSES your money down the drain or a bunch of ANON who rug pull you OVER and over again.

It’s time to wake up in the crypto space; otherwise, you are all adding to the BS sandwich, and it’s getting bigger every day.

You CAN NOT sit there and complain about visibility when you refuse to support projects that try and help. You cannot complain about wanting better utility, but you ghost projects that do because they need 20k followers.

You cannot complain about needing MORE females in the space WHEN YOU SINGLE HANDLEY DO SWEET FUCK ALL to help.

You cannot moan about wanting to find good projects led by good peeps when you are TOLD time and TIME again in your tweets ABOUT THEM, BUT you’re too LAZY TO LOOK.

You cannot come into this space and bitch WHEN YOU LOSE billions when you only BUY INTO HYPE yet want better standards.

This space is BS. There are generally great people, but as a whole, you have spun a lie and shit on everyone and everything that this space is meant to stand for, and there are some that are far more guilty than others.

I love what this space stands for. As a female, it’s the best place I have ever stood because there is no barrier in my way. I have built everything, and I can succeed with no other thing in my way.

But my god, are peeps fucking it up.