Indra Tor
7 min readMay 23, 2021


This blog is all about Voxelslimes, the best-kept secret that is currently on Hic. This blog will explain its idea, the plans we have, and what exactly it is.

Fccview and I started this project a few weeks back, and it’s already grown, and our slimes sell out generally in a day or even in a few hours.

There are lots about this project, and I want to explain more about it. I feel the idea we are doing is slightly different, and people have to be confused about it.

What is Voxelslimes

Voxelslimes is a collectible series created by myself and Fccview. Each Slime is unique and has a family line and backstory. Every Slime also has there own stats and individual interactive elements.

The idea came from wanting to create something small. I wanted to create a series that everyone could enjoy. My work is often a few hundred dollars and is expensive and the same form FCC. I wanted to offer something unique to people who might like my work.

At this point, Fcc and I started talking about ideas, and the interactive elements of Hic dropped in Fcc was making cool interactive NFT’s and the slimes were something he thought was cute.

So we made our first Slime Boo. Each Slime is sold in limited numbers and, depending on the rarity, is sold at different price points.

Boo, for example, is a standard slime and is sold for just one tezo.

The core idea behind the series is to allow people to collect different slimes and trade them and or sell them on.

I don’t want to gatekeep people out of the project, and I and FCC said we would focus on always keeping the price point the same when we released a new slime.

So Voxelslimes, in a nutshell, are a collectible series our first series will only feature 100 different slimes, so make sure to collect them because they are cute.

The idea behind Voxelslimes

You can check out the website at www.voxelslimes.com, which covers many of the stories and the idea behind the slimes.

The main drive for the slimes is to let you collect them and battle with them in the end. Each Slime has stats, and some have skills. We want to introduce two elements to the battle series.

One is community battles. The other is PVP or player versus player.

As discussed, each Slime belongs to a family line. You can check the website to learn about the family lines and more about them. We want collectors to enjoy certain families or certain types of Slime.

Community battles

is something that Fcc is working on and will be explained in more detail later, but community battles are slime collectors against a boss. This will be done on the website and allows the community to join forces to try and take down a big boss.

Killing it will earn them rewards while failing will mean they won’t get anything.
Community battles are on the way and will be the first real test of the battle system in a simple form. We need to focus on getting it right.

Player versus player

will be the next step, and this is something we will work hard and decide what we want to do with this. Do we allow people to fight for slimes, the winner getting a slime, or fight to the death with the loser burning the slimes?

We want to discuss these things, but we want to create a battle system to allow you to show off your slime collection.

The community

the most significant element of voxelslimes is the discord.

I think most people see it as a usual discord, but it’s not. It’s very much part of the adventure. Our discord is a living playground where the story of the slimes unfolds.

For example, Pi Doop is a slime who runs the bar, and you can openly chat with this Slime who will give you clues. The idea I and FCC had behind the discord was to create D and D experience.

There are quests and things to discover in the discord. This leads to slimes being unlocked and prizes going out to people who can solve them.

For example, right now, several quests are going. One is to unlock a new channel in the discord called Gilderdown.

Gilderdown will bring a new range of slimes to collect and introduce new families but its up to the discord to solve this.

Another quest sees the community try to help Boo upgrade by mining ore in the discord and adding it to the blacksmith.

Some slimes can be upgraded. The first one was Puff, where the community solved the quests to release the potion that can be used to upgrade Puff.

The potion was limited, and people quickly brought it and had to burn the potion to get the upgraded version of Puff. This was the first of a few ideas we had.

We do all this via dice rolls like a true D and D experience. Our discord is not just another discord.

If you want to do something fun and hang out and try your chance of winning prizes or unlocking new things, we recommend you join the discord.

We want to create something beyond just collecting the slimes and create an authentic experience, and I feel people are missing that element of collecting.

By not being a part of the discord, you could miss out on some incredible things.
I and Fcc are always looking at what to do next and how to create new things.

We want to expand by getting land in sandbox to bring the experience into the metaverse and create a hub for people to explore and have fun.

The awesome FCC constructed the website, and we have added some great functionality to you. For example, did you know you can link your wallet to the website, and it will give you a list of slimes you collected, and you can edit your profile to appear on the adventures page?

Also, now collecting slimes also gives your currency in the form of gold, allowing you to buy items that can help your adventures in the slime kingdom. This is something I and FCC will keep working on in the future. Again another reason to get involved with voxelslimes beyond just collecting them.

Other things we have planned

Airdrops — we plan to introduce airdrops and already have a way to do this. Still, the community is yet to unlock this, and the quest has not started yet until we finish out the big questline that will have the community working together.

Festive slimes — we plan to release unique slimes around the holidays, which will be very rare.

Bids — we believe Hic is introducing bids and any legendary or 1/1 item will be done via a bid to make it fair in the future.

Expanding the discord — we want the discord to grow, and we will in the future add mods and other elements to keep it going, and we want more people to join and get involved with the adventure and get into character. For example, not everyone on the discord is good Widmer is an evil adventure.

Grim — the questline for grim started by the community by basically dividing themselves up, some hate grim some like him.
He is currently the only legendary released but not for sale.

We are introducing a questline to either help or stop Grim collecting him will now be down to you guys.

Alchemist- Bubbles is going to be our first limited-time event for Voxelslimes. These will happen only over several days and then will end and no longer be available until the next time.

Bubbles will come to the kingdom and sell several potions for a limited time, creating unique and fun things or adventures. Once she’s gone, you will never again be able to get the rewards, and the next time she appears will be brand new rewards.

Random elements — I and Fcc I also want to add more random elements to collecting and start changing people’s collections, so this is also coming, and Bubbles will be a good first test.

As we said, there will only be 100 unique slimes in the first series, and some slimes may appear in future series as if they survive.

If they survive

One of the elements we think is fun in voxel slimes is that a slime can die.

Once a slime sells out, Grim (the death slime) will play a game with the community. You both roll a dice and if it matches, he wins and claims the soul.

However, in the last game played with Widmer, he openly gave up the Slime meaning Grim claimed it unlocking the first ghost slime for people to collect.

Again it's all about weaving a story with your peeps.

However, if a slime dies, that means it’s done. It will never appear again in the series, even if it was upgradable.

For example, nine Boo remain at writing this, and the community is trying to get the items to upgrade Boo. However, should boo sell out and grim claim the soul, then that’s it.

Boo will die another ghost slime will come out, and you will no longer upgrade Boo. So there are real issues to consider when collecting voxelslimes.

I hope this has given you the idea that voxelslimes is way more than just a collectible, and you can see myself and Fcc are trying our best to make an excellent experience.

It is just us with no budget and limited time, but hopefully, you can see we are here for the long game, and we want to make this project a success.
So join us grab a slime, and participate in a silly discord.