Update on my art and the space and where I plan to be next year.

Indra Tor
10 min readDec 11, 2021

It’s that time again for another blog. For anyone how follows my blog, you know I post randomly. I want to write blogs when I have something to talk about and not always to write something for views etc.

The year is coming to an end. I have made 16 pieces of art and thought it was due an update. My time in the space has grown and shifted a little bit. My Twitter is growing, and my ideas of the space have changed.

I am still busy chasing a million things and ideas, but I feel my importance in the space is shifting to support NFT space as a whole. If anyone follows me, I will often call out stuff I dislike or things I feel the space should be changing. I am still small, and it is still shouting into the wind, but I watch the space and what people are doing.

I want to do things to bring people into NFT’s and crypto, which starts with Project 52. If this project succeeds, I have a plan to help people, which hopefully you peeps will learn about soon

Part of the problem is that many large accounts talk about wanting more women into the space, how x sells or for males, and so forth, but do we see them try and do anything about it? Nope, we don’t.

Some of these accounts have access to 100 of thousands of dollars or at least claim to be rich, but they tweet out saying WE NEED TO SEE CHANGE but no fuck all to help.

I am quite sick and tired of it, and I refuse to let young girls and women sit by and let crypto pass them by.

If it’s successful, it will take up a lot of my time, and I hope I can share more with you soon.

I also want project 52 to do well, and we have huge plans for this project. I am always thinking of new ways to improve the project or add more. I want to add real ulitly and long term investment for holders. We are planning something that will need time to be put into effect, but hopefully, people will see we are bringing real ulitly and things to help the community. We are trying to move PFP’s forward in terms of art, style, effort and commitment to it. I am worried, and I am scared that people won’t like it or support it, making me sad. It keeps me up at night, and I will be honest, it worries me for the team as I want it to succeed.

I want to do something that changes peoples lives for once, there is enough in this world of take and take, and we have become so self-centred our world may be significant. Still, on a personal level, our worlds are getting smaller and smaller and empty, with empty promises and false fake people who want to make money pushing the same shit to you every time.

I would at least like to change the life of someone for the better, and Project 52 is part of this dream, so watch this space for more information about that soon.

I am still creating my art my last piece was my Halloween piece which I had a good time making this piece, and I enjoyed creating these large than life environments that included lots of touches and nods to films and other things that I wanted.

I have been enjoying creating moments and thinking back, and it has made me feel that all we are are memories and these moments that we think back on.

My 80s movie piece and the Halloween piece were starting to look into these memories or people. People all have stories, and it’s in these that we learn about people, and I think there is less and less of this in the world.

Everything is so disposable, don’t dwell on anything and move on, and I enjoyed letting people relive memories of these movies.

I also wanted to add something to remember Torsten by, they were a collector in the space who sadly passed, and I knew they did a lot to the community and will be missed. So I hid a nod to them in the halloween piece.

I wanted to add something that will live on in this piece forever on the blockchain, and I feel again it’s about the stories of people. This is one of the reasons I started the podcast. I wanted to hear the stories of artists.

We all have dark and sad moments in our lives, and these moments shape us and give substance to our lives. People may look at the work above as pointless with no real meaning.

However, it has meaning in that it allows someone to relive memories and memories are significant. We should remember happy times or times when we were kids.

I think I wanted to create a collection that looked at video games in the same way. Video games have been a part of most people’s lives these days, and families and loved ones, and fond memories come from people.

People meet and get married over them. There is a power in seeing something that makes you remember and I wanted to start a collection that can make people fall in love with those old memories and allow us to place a better time for some.

So i started the Game collection series and made the first streets of rage. I wanted to move my art forward a little so I started animating pixels. Something has never done before.

I enjoyed making it, and then I chose to make it animated and interactive. You can walk around it was going to be the start of building up my work. I want to in the end, make a piece like my 80s movie piece in which you could walk around and interact.

So I decided to choose this path and make the game collection. I then ran into a problem as I could not drop it on open sea.

The open sea does not accept a Zip file with the HTML inside to run the little program I made. This then caused me to spend hours finding a solution and asking for help.

In the end, I couldn’t find a solution unless I wrote my contract to which I could not do.

I, in the end, dropped it on Hic or the new version of Hic, and it hasn’t sold one copy.


You can find it above. This took the wind out of me as its my most forward-moving piece I have done, and on top of that, I didn’t sell my Halloween piece as well.

I was in the middle of making the sonic one.

But I haven’t finished this, and I now doubt what to do. I may have to wait until another platform accepts interactive too, which no one does, or at least I cant find one.

If I drop it on Hic then it will most likely sit there. I have been tempted just to burn the streets of rage one. It’s in these moments that imposter syndrome pops up and you start doubting if this is the right thing you should be doing.

Is my idea and art just not good enough. I wanted to make a series that allowed people to go back to childhoods and moments where they have a good memory.

The world is full of so much shit and hate and anger these days that I wanted to make something so that if someone sat browsing, they could remember good times or share a story with someone else.

I wanted to create a collection in which people could get talking in the comments of twitter. However, it seems like it failed and I feel being on Hic is not the best option for it, but I don’t know anymore.

I also got asked to create something for a project, I had a lot of fun making this little piece and I like it. It sadly wasn't picked but I still had a good time doing it.

My next large piece was going to be about the NFT space and creating something that celebrates and pokes fun at it in the same way. However I am stalled to make it. I will start at some point. However my game collection series has left me somewhat deflated.

My main focus at the moment is Project 52 and making something hopefully that is amazing.

The next year will be busy for many people, but I also feel the space will lose a lot of people as well. I think some things have become stalled, and now its more about making money on shilling apes and other things than pushing NFT’s forward.

We already see people keeping things close to their hearts or simply remaking the same thing repeatedly. We see even major projects trying to save money by stopping mints and making excuses to save their floor.

I think the space still needs peeps to push in new directions; otherwise, we will find it stalled where only a few major players keep making money.

Even these so-called huge accounts that used to be all about community have just turned into money-making machines and buy my shit, and I don’t think its what the space needs.

Equally, platforms are still slow to tweet people or do things for artists but still ask for a high return for posting the art. I still think they should be pushing to get artists out there more.

At least Known Origin holds events and gets people’s art out there, which is a huge step against the other platforms that still do little to no community engagement.

I hope everyone who reads my blogs know, it is a hard road, but things will work out in the end. You just need to keep focused. We all have down moments and problems and stresses in the space and I want people to speak out more about them.

Memories make us; without them we are but blank pages, and if you don’t believe imagine waking up tomorrow with no memories of you at all would you still know you are you?

what if you woke up with the memories of someone else would you still be you?

Memories and stories are what brings us together, and it’s in these stories that we find common ground we find the truth that we are all human. Sometimes, we need to stop all this fake bullshit and let us feel and share stories.

I want to fall in love with people, and I want the space to have more of this. Instead of the same bags bullshit and the same influencer crap telling you what to buy and invest and what not and who I own a ape blah blah blah.

it’s all meaningless it’s all drive-by money and fake shit and people who want just to take. These people are not real they are a stylised version of themselves, one in which they feel money and business is whats the driving force.

its not its being a person, and I hate seeing it some of the people in the NFT at the moment are like cartoon versions of what people are and its sad. I avoid these accounts if I’m honest, and I feel there is a shift in the actual community where I feel people are getting sick of it to.

Rather then telling you love the community, do something for it, instead of telling me you want more females in the space, do something.

Instead of making a fucking thread for the 10th time asking to share who you think is a cool artist in the space, you NEVER FOLLOW ANY OF THEM back.

The community and I are sick of it, we are bored of it. I am tired of cartoon people.

Next year, if all goes well and project 52 sells out and does what I want, the Next year will be different. As I will shake up the space and once I have made it, I won’t be scared to go toe to toe with accounts or things I feel are just screwing people over.

As long as the community backs me, then I will back the community. I wouldn’t be here even now if it weren’t for the fantastic people who have helped me.

I haven’t forgotten, and I will never forget, and I want to make sure this space grows, and things are done to improve the space beyond just making money.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas or holiday, and let’s come back next year kicking ass.