Think its time we talked about this

Indra Tor
9 min readNov 1, 2021


Well, hello peeps, it been a long time since I wrote a blog and to be honest, I have been so busy, and some of the things I want to say I have talked about on my Podcast, so make sure to check out my Podcast if you haven’t.

It talks to artists and learns more about them. I enjoy chatting with people on the Podcast, and it was something I wanted to do to give a little bit back to the community. The one thing that is driving me insane is taking a look over the last few months in the space.

I am all about community attitude, which is excellent, and I love it; however, I am getting tired of seeing this and then not seeing anything. You are all about community, but all you talk about is how big your bags are, how much money you’re making, and how much people will screw up if they don’t buy this.

Where the fuck is the community aspect? Why are you not retweeting artists, supporting artists building things for the community with all these bags you make.

It’s driving me crazy all you are are someone growing your shit, and you don’t care beyond that. 90 per cent of the community you keep saying you are part of can’t afford any of the nonsense you are talking about, and then you make stupid bullshit comments about people missing out because they can’t take your advice.

Oh, I did warn you last week this would happen im fucking expert. Im sick of it. Most people can’t afford anything that’s over a 1eth heck even .5 Eth, and you want to chat to me about community, yet you serve no purpose to it.

All you are is a notice senpai twitter that gets no real engagement and is just people hoping you will pay attention to them.

Also, these so-called community people never reply to anything. They barely engage with the community at all. You are all too below them to chat to.

What’s that you don’t have a punk, then fuck you im not speaking to you. What no bored ape or other colourful animals then you are not worth my time.

Do you know what’s not worth our time? You, these so-called communities lead influencers who ignore 95 per cent of all comments, never reply to anyone in DM’s but constantly make up bullshit excuses that im super busy.

Guess what everyone IS. The WHOLE NFT SPACE IS BUSY, there are artists FUCKING UP their mental health, lifestyle, family, friends, everything to POST under your bullshit comments about pumping bags, and you DO NOTHING.

I started a podcast it’s not a huge podcast, but it’s a podcast for artists to talk about themselves. It makes me zero money. It costs me to run it; I have to pay to keep it going, and it nets me nothing in return, and I have been doing it for months.

Should these community people be talking about my Podcast? OF COURSE, it’s a community thing? This is the kind of thing you want. Do they? Nope, of course not.

This may seem angry, but I am tired of seeing artists wasting time and essential time. This space is moving at breakneck speed. The world of NFT’s is shifting, and things are moving way faster than anyone can pay attention to.

The simple fact is a lot of these people are not as important now as six months ago. The market has moved, the NFT’s have moved, there’s far more information, far more people who understand things, there are more chances and opportunities.

So what do we need them for? You can get great advice anywhere now about NFT’s

If you are a new or struggling artist, stop wasting time on accounts that don’t talk back. I try and reply to everyone who chats with me.
Do I enjoy it? Of course, not sometimes I am tired or busy, but I know someone has taken the time to answer me, and I should answer back.

Im not perfect, but I always try to comment at least once to stuff.
That is an account you need to follow. Follow these people.

Follow the accounts that tweet out artwork and comment.
heck, if you want to follow one person as a new artist, follow.
@mentalist420 they care about the community, and I respect what they do. They may not have time for everyone, but you look at their feed and what they do compare that to the so-called community pump bags people.

I don’t want new artists or people wasting their time it’s not worth it. Focus on the community as a whole, reach out and chat to people.

Also, get involved with actual community and tweets, don’t just keep retweeting people and thinking this is enough. Twitter doesn’t seem to like you just retweeting without doing anything else.

You need to tweet out things, show your art, do WIP updates if you like, make a video, share anything that’s fun or important and finally stay true to yourself. There are far too many pleasures or people not wanting to call out stuff, be angry, or be truthful.

Twitter is a better place with honest engagement. The rant I posted above is because it needs to be said. The space as a whole is better if these conversations are talked about and expressed. There are far too many people getting away with just shit posting and pretending to be community-driven while growing huge follow accounts and a ton of Eth while you, the struggling artist, can’t even get a retweet or them to look at your work.

You have a voice; never forget that don’t let anyone make you feel you are less than them, or you need to bow or accept that what they are saying is the best advice or not call them out. I will hold my hands up sometimes I miss comments, or im tired or can’t focus or had a shit day, which is fine. This isn’t a reason to go after them, but if they have been saying community for months yet barely do anything, why accept it.

Why bother saying GM to someone who won’t FUCKING REPLY but wants to have it retweeted and commented on 400 times. Sorry but Im speaking up. That shit shouldn’t fly, and before you give me the same shit that you are busy. SO am I. I am building a project, making a collection, and making 1/1 art, which takes 50 hours or more. I got to university most days, studying for exams, tests, course work, designing. I also look after a dog that can’t walk. I also help Known origin, and since helping Known origin, I have helped over 40 artists on that platform. Some of those struggled to sell on another platform but KO, they found sales. I have brought new collectors and new accounts to that site to buy that art.

I am in meetings with larger projects. I am retweeting peoples art. I always try and make it a point to retweet genesis pieces on Known Origin, and I also spend hours engaging and answering peoples tweets and spend time in discord. I join community calls. I answer emails. I help artists out in DMs.

AND YOU WANT to tell me your fucking busy, and you can’t answer a few tweets. I don’t buy it. The NFT space doesn’t need you. It doesn’t need the constant shit posts or the over-sexualised comments to get 40 retweets; it doesn’t need the positive vibe meme every day and the GM and GN to raise your empty bullshit posts and moments.

What this space need is HUMANS it needs MOMENTS, organic love and connection between people. It needs real issues tackling. It needs accurate comments. It needs real growth. I couldn’t give a fuck about APES pumping, and neither can 90 per cent of the space. You want to sit there and tell us we are all shooting to the moon, then do something to MAKE it happen.

I started project 52 with one major thing in mind, well, a few. I want it to be the answer to PFP’s. I have grown to respect and understand PFP projects, and some of these projects work dam hard getting them out there, and I appreciate all of you.

I wanted to push it to what’s next in art style and what we can do. We are making NFT’s we can do way more than a 2d flat image, and project 52 will be the answer. I hope it pushes and shows people that we are working hard to make a meaningful and rich project for people to want to own.

Also, I wanted to look at long term investment. A PFP is an investment. That’s why people are getting them. Sure the art is nice, but overall. It’s the investment.

I want project 52 to be that. I want there always to be a reason to hold it, and hopefully, it makes you money. I honestly want that the end goal for me with project 52 is to quit their job, go part-time, buy a house, help a family member, or take the pressure off. If that happens, then I am happy this project is a success.

We are thankfully getting closer for me to talk about and show you peep what we are working on and where it is planning to go. I have plans for the community, and I want to do things if this is a successful and meaningful thing. Things that can help the next generation of artists and help you peeps who may struggle and need some help.

The space has changed a lot of the last few months since I have been here. With Eth on the rise and collectables becoming huge and 1/1 art harder to sell, we need actual people to care, not just pump bags.

I believe in every one of you out there. I know it feels like there’s nowhere to turn to, and no one is listening, but that’s the trick. You don’t need anyone to listen.

You have a loud and strong voice, and you need to shout it out. You don’t need anyone to help you in this space. You don’t need accounts to follow you or find you or lift you. You don’t need to waste your life chasing accounts that couldn’t give a shit if you exist or not.

You are your own voice. You are the strength in this space, have the power and the confidence to take charge of it. Make people pay attention to you.

I get ignored and still do by pretty much every major account out there, but it hasn’t stopped me. I will scream louder and louder till the day no one can fucking ignore me.

And you, my amazing, brave artists who are struggling with a million things in their life and fucking up their sleep and mental health, can scream as well.

Trust me, when you are all screaming, then no of these people can ignore you, one can gatekeep you, and no one can ignore you. Don’t be afraid to be you, and don’t be scared to show people that.

All I want is to be well and focus on things that will help people who care.

Time is the most precious thing in your life. You can never get it back.
That day you missed your daughter walk, the day you missed a date, the time you didn’t get to watch that movie you wanted, the time you couldn’t sit down with your children or tuck them in bed.

These are moments in time you can NEVER get back, and you shouldn’t waste the moments above on people or accounts in this space who, when you look at them, are not offering you the same amount of time back.

Instead, they are posting pics of fast cars, holidays, hanging out and showing clout.

You are worth more and never let anyone make you forget that.

So go out there, be brave and bold, and keep going and reach out to the people who help, support each other, take time away, and be yourself.

Im still here, and we can all help you can get there. There’s no reason you cant. You just need to find what works, don’t follow the crowd, think beyond what the NFT space is, what collectable would work, how can I find a need or a want in the space, and what will make me stand out.

You can do it; I know you can.