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Indra Tor
8 min readMay 6, 2021


I have been swamped this week with a project me and @fccview started. I talked about it in the last blog, in which I talked about doing a Voxel Slimes project. The project started small but has grown to where it is an interactive DnD, RPG experience.

This is a fun project watching the discord hanging out in a tavern making up a story. You heard that I and @fccview are pretending to be slimes and react to the story as the discord plays it behind the scenes.

This has led to the first upgrade slime by unlocking a potion of breath. If you are even remotely confused or want to hang out and learn what is happening, we have discord, so check my Twitter.

our upgraded puff that the community unlocked

It is taking a lot of time. Our discord has a tavern that opens at 4 pm and closes at midnight with an actual barkeeper the discord can speak to. Who will give them clues? That’s right, you can chat to an actual slime in our discord game that was unlocked by the member of the community.

This has taken a lot of my time, and I feel I have missed a lot of stuff, and I feel like some people may see as if I am disappearing or something. Now, this is a weird feeling, and it’s a feeling of guilt. I feel guilty. I know that equally other people do. I understand some creators out there have entire lives, and they can’t be here all the time, making you feel guilty. So this blog is for you, it’s for everyone.

Things are moving so fast, and we all need to realize we are at the start of something, something big, and I know for many of you it’s taken an enormous step. For some, this means spending less time with their family, their wife, their child. For others, it's sitting up till 3 am pushing.

Every one of you has done something the vast majority won’t and take a risk. Put faith in yourself. I can see people getting attacked in the community and had one horrible experience last week. I saw a member get attacked simply because someone didn’t like their NFT.

This person had a more prominent presence and tweeted it out. What happened was watching this person’s Twitter get attacked for hours on end with people telling them to die and how shit their work was.

And when this person tried to respond in the only way, they felt they could. Well, they went and exposed that as well, causing this person even more hate.

Now you may come to the argument well that a person can't control their community. Yeah, I am sure every dictator in the world tries that one. The simple fact is people follow you, people look up to you, and you can choose to ignore this on a personal level, but the REALITY is much different.

So let’s break that down to a human level. In effect, you push thousands of people on someone who couldn’t defend themselves. When they tried to fight back in a panicked way that you can agree or disagree with, you then shared that and kick them again.

I can’t really understand what the purpose of this would be other than you enjoyed trying to smash this person’s confidence.

And for WHAT, because they dare do something, they created something you don’t like. Guessing you, as a human has never done that. Never had someone dislike something.

Let’s crush someone because they DARE try to make something of their life. They don’t want the 9 to 5. They don’t want to sit in a shitty office doing something they hate.

But hey, you’re doing what you love. It's pleasant right to do something you want and something you love and are passionate about. Wouldn’t it have been really SHIT to have someone come and single you out at the start and try to shatter that fragile world you built around yourself as you find the next step in your career?

So this is for you, the person who struggles against a face of negativity. The family that doesn’t get you, the wife, don’t get why you chat to a discord group until 2 am in the morning, tiring to build a better life for her.
The husband who can’t understand why you waste your time making shitty pixel art.

This blog is for you — the person sitting in a grey office staring at a goddam cubicle. Who the F made the cubicle, and what wrong did you do to make such a horrible thing for someone.

What is a cubicle? It’s a cage made to force you to do something you hate. So F the person who came up the cubicle, some selfish person who probably made it up in a business meeting. Trying to find some way to squeeze the last bit of life out of his staff to make some unknown shareholders he has never met richer than they are.

This blog is for you. The person who is juggling life as a single parent. Who has to sit there every day and smile and be happy to a little bundle of joy, yet inside, all you want to do is scream at the world cry because you are overworked and tired? The person who is always standing strong yet inside is a mess, broken, smashed, destroyed, yet proud of seeing her baby smile.

This blog is for you.

It’s for all of you. You all need to remember who you are. You are fucking pioneers. You are the people who sailed the oceans to find lands unknown. You are the people who climb the mountains when other people tell them not. You are the people who are paving the way for a future where you will all be forgotten, and the word NFT won’t even exist. NFT will be an old-school word they used to describe something that will be as normal as buying milk in the future.

Don’t you ever forget who and what you are doing? F the money, F the fame, screw the companies, screw the MAN. This space doesn’t belong to any single person.

It doesn’t belong to people who can afford MEEBits. It doesn’t belong to people who can proudly put a crypto punk as their icon. This space is more significant than all of that. This space is whatever you want to make it.

So don’t be afraid, don’t be scared, forget the people who say no to you, forget the people at school who said you would never amount to anything — the boss in your job who doesn’t think you 're any good. Your art teacher kept telling you, you would never sell — the people gatekeeping jobs. Heck, the people who are trying to gatekeep NFT.

Look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to take a hard look and really see the person looking back. The dark circles, the messed-up makeup, the shaggy hair. The wrinkles and the lines, the tired eyes and everything.

If you want to cry, shout, be angry, do it. You are allowed to because you are a pioneer. You will be the people who make this space.
Is it a battle for survival, sure? Not everyone will make it, and does this mean they are weak? NO, the people who can't keep up with the social scene are WEAK no., the people who have to leave to focus on life are weak, no.

They are your fellow artists, and they need your help. They need your support. If you haven’t seen someone post in a while, reach out.
If you see someone going quiet, ask them.

If someone keeps telling you they are too busy to join discord because they have a child, help them push their art.

Some are going to be stronger, some of us are going to have more time than others, and in the outside world, that shit gray-brown infested place, that’s all there is.

You hear it everywhere survival of the fittest; you need to look after yourself, no one will help you. Only look after you. Yeah, you have heard you know about it, everyone tells you.

You are told it from birthright, and we still believe it. We still do it. Why because we have nowhere else to go until now.

You are the pioneers. Do not be those power-hungry, selfish people who have put you in debt, forced you down the place of getting a shit job, and pouring your entire life to them for scraps.

If you see those people in the space, avoid them focusing on the people who are doing selfless things.

If people try to tell you it’s odd, that people are too lovely, and it’s all fake, then that is a sad world where it’s considered weird to be helpful this reveals the issue.

Just remember what you have done in the short time you have been here and be proud of it, be proud of yourself. You are doing something that, in years to come, your wife, husband, child, a family can be proud of, and you can be proud of.

So take a breath, and if you think this is a preachy blog, then you are the problem. This is not about preaching. This is about telling people, hey, what you doing is scary, and it’s ok. You are ok to be tired, angry, or scream you are all awesome.

As always, I will do my best to keep up in this crazy world, and I feel guilty I have missed things while trying to make my slime world for the community.

My goal for the slimes is simple to make your peeps money. I want people to buy a slime for 5 dollars, and in a year, it is worth 100.

My slimes will never rise in price; I will always offer them at the prices you have today. It’s not about only supporting people who have eth accounts the size of houses; I always want someone new to be able to grab something from me. These are the steps to me building something for you all. I want to build actual change in this space. I want a DAO I want to look into ideas to help artists.

I have them; I just need eth to make them happen, so please bear with me while I work as hard as possible.

But I am only one person, and I will miss things, and I will always try and be a voice in this space. I have my down days also but seeing that you still support me, add me to threads, saying I’m one of your fav artists is always inspiring. I can’t always answer to every thread, but I notice you all out there being awesome.