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our upgraded puff that the community unlocked

I can’t really understand what the purpose of this would be other than you enjoyed trying to smash this person’s confidence.

And for WHAT, because they dare do something, they created something you don’t like. Guessing you, as a human has never done that. Never had someone dislike something.

This blog is for you.

It’s for all of you. You all need to remember who you are. You are fucking pioneers. You are the people who sailed the oceans to find lands unknown. You are the people who climb the mountains when other people tell them not. You are the people who are paving the way for a future where you will all be forgotten, and the word NFT won’t even exist. NFT will be an old-school word they used to describe something that will be as normal as buying milk in the future.

Don’t you ever forget who and what you are doing? F the money, F the fame, screw the companies, screw the MAN. This space doesn’t belong to any single person.

It doesn’t belong to people who can afford MEEBits. It doesn’t belong to people who can proudly put a crypto punk as their icon. This space is more significant than all of that. This space is whatever you want to make it.

If you see those people in the space, avoid them focusing on the people who are doing selfless things.

If people try to tell you it’s odd, that people are too lovely, and it’s all fake, then that is a sad world where it’s considered weird to be helpful this reveals the issue.



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