Four horsemen

Indra Tor
6 min readMay 21, 2021

It’s another random Blog from Indra, time to get the popcorn and take a seat. The NFT market is ever-changing, and this week has been no different.

We first got to see the massive drop in the market, which made a lot panic. I don’t have enough Eth to panic, so I watched it with interest from the sidelines.

This showed some exciting things to me. It shows that even in this space, for some, it’s all about the money. This is fine, but I want to move away from that idea and thought approach.

Don’t get me wrong, money is essential. It’s vital to everyone in so many different ways, but the idea is simple. You can always make more money. Money is always there. People don’t have enough of it, and it is hard to get more people, connections, and time.

It takes time to build trust, make friends and make connections with people. it's easy to lose 5 dollars, it’s harder to lose a good friend, and equally, it’s easy to make 5 dollars, but making a good friend is a lot harder.

The drop in the market was interesting to see. You could see the difference between some people who railed together and helped people
made connections teach and saying to wait and still helping out artists the flip said was people panicking they lost money.

I was happy to see people still cared about people, and you can see space has hope. I think the space is growing, but I can see it taking its toll on people. People have dropped off a little. There’s seems to be less energy, and this leads to another issue.

The loudest person will often get picked. This is something that frustrates me to no end. I like the idea everyone gets an equal chance at anything, but instead, we still see in this space that the loudest voice gets picked and smaller voices overlooked.

This is easy to do, and it’s very simple its convenient to pick the loudest they are asking for it. They are offering it up, so why not just hand it to them.

It shows their go-get attitude, and I hate it. I hate it for the simple reason that some people just don’t work like that, some people don’t have the personality to do that or the mental condition to do that.

So should they be overlooked? Should someone who works hard is passionate and creates something unique, they fail to shout loudest.

I think it’s essential that you sometimes don’t always focus on the loudest look past it. You may be surprised. I know this takes more effort, but if we don’t do this, we end up in echo chambers and mindsets controlled by a few. We end up raising these people and listening to these people without any accurate understanding of why.

It’s the same for me. I try and share my opinions and beliefs due to what I see in the space and hear. This doesn’t mean I am an expert, and I want to hear from the tiny voice to the large one.

Sometimes, the larger the voice, the less I will listen, not that I will not ignore it, but I want to hear from someone else. We can only make this space successful for everyone if we decide to look through the voices.
It’s something I want to keep trying to do and try to build. I am but only one person, and I cannot fight every fight, but I always listen.

This leads us on to my current series. If anyone has been watching, I am creating a piece of work inspired by the 4 horsemen. I love myths and ancient history and ideas around life and death, right and wrong.

I honestly needed to break from making the larger pieces and was feeling burnt out, so I wanted to do something that would free me up a little.

I also wanted to create something with a message, and I decided on the horsemen.

The first one I made was War. I wanted to recreate them to be a more modern setting and decided machines would be a way to go.
I wanted to mix, however, this ancient idea of the machines. You can see from War the idea comes from something like howls moving castle.

I was happy with the way War came out. I had been practicing with the render engine to make something more natural. I started playing around with making smoke, something you will see by death I have got better at.

It was a fun project. My next piece famine was to be about death and ruin, which famine brings about, but that nature will always take over. this leads me to create a ruin with overgrowth and vines showing the city is broken down and you can feel the machine is old and almost destroyed. I really like how famine turned out, and it was exciting to release this piece.

My latest is death. My original idea for death I scrapped. I wasn’t happy with how it was going, and it was missing the mark of the series. This lost me around 2 days of work.

I then spent time researching, and I came across Bayonetta 2, which I love and remember loving the monster design. This then started the new format. I wanted a flying machine that had cogs everywhere coming out of an angelic-looking structure. I also kept the theme of cities of people living on these machines.

I finally wanted to add clouds to the piece and show it in the sky, which is hopefully my best attempt at making them. So far, I am happy with how the series is going. People often see death as something dark but I feel this piece makes it something more interesting. You could imagine this machine flying over us.

I have one more piece to make, and then it’s complete. I have a fifth piece that I will make, but only if something is done first.

As I said, the concept of the horsemen is an interesting one, the idea that 4 horsemen roll across the sky and bring about the end of the world.

However, to me, we don’t need the horsemen. We do these things all the time. We are machines, and we like to accept that the horsemen are part of the great idea to end the world yet ignoring the fact they are are the horsemen.

Although I have crafted them as machines that make them acceptable for us to accept and just a bit of fun, we cause death on a global scale since the start our history is built on death and not just people dying but us taking life sometimes for cruel reasons. Famine we cause it, we live in a world that equally has the most overweight people in the world at the same time as the most undernourished. How we can set records for both of those things? people still suffer under it today, there are people who still struggle to find food when someone has a burger the size of their head. War, this is still raging, We still fight over problems instead of finding solutions we still fight over resources yet we share everything we still fight over land and all kinds of issues. Pestilence we have suffered for the last few years has shaken our modern world and affected millions, it has affected peoples mental health it has destroyed businesses and killed people, we no end currently in sight, people were let down and we were not ready for it even though being told we are.

So we don't need a story of 4 horsemen bring around the end of the world in reality we are doing it without their help.

My final 5th piece will be titled the things that hold us back. War, Famine, Pestilence, and death are all things that hold us back and all things we have caused and still cause.

So the final piece, which will combine all the machines into one large piece and will only be released under one condition.

This condition is someone needs to own all 4 showing we can work together and not let them hold us back, that we are above these concepts.

It may never happen, and that’s perfectly fine. Still, I want the horseman series to show only together can we move on and stop letting things hold us back to move forward, only when we cant accept what we do can we hope to change the future, and until our minds see different we will forever be the horsemen.

I think I should end it there and hope people enjoyed it and learned a bit more about why I wanted to make this series.