Eth Doubled….So what!

Collectors want artists to lower the prices?


My counterargument to that is likewise the art you brought last week has now doubled. The work you got last month has probably gone up 3 times.

Simple test. If a collector bought a piece of art for, say, 0.50 3 weeks ago and worth 600 dollars, let’s say.

Yet I see collectors coming to artists who can barely make a 0.30 sale and asking them to drop their prices.

Do you have any idea how shit a position you are putting that artist in. Some of these artists are waiting for a sale. I know one artist who has had their prices unchanged for months, and then a collector asks them to lower it because Eth has now gone up.

As far as I know, I buy and sell in Eth. Yes, there’s a dollar attached to it, but I value art at the price it is in Eth.

I just brought my most expensive piece lately, which was 0.20. This was in the middle of this price high. Now I cant afford this in reality, but I liked the piece and got it. I got it based on its Eth value.

It is not an artist’s fault Eth has suddenly doubled, and I don’t think it falls at the feet of smaller artists to pay out of their pocket to lower prices to make a collector happy.

The simple fact is if they love your work they should just buy it. If they want to haggle a price, then it’s clearly a business transaction in my eyes.

Instead of raising the base price, you now have made them sell the cheapest piece of art at ETH.

So now, once Eth stables and people accept that this is now the price, they have to suddenly justify a price rise.

I am sorry, but that sounds like a shit offer and a slap in the face of minor artists.

So, should you lower your prices? in my honest opinion, and people may 100 percent disagree with me, and I accept that, but no.



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