What’s real anymore? It feels like we now live in some hype stylised cartoon version of real life, where we are not allowed to be treated like a human.

What are we doing in a world where an amazon employee has to take a shit in a bag because they are scared of missing deliveries to lose their job. What the fuck are we doing? That that is a thing. Amazon even tell drives to check your van to see if there’s a piss bottle and report it?

We are living in a hyperlinked version of reality. We have to be to allow that to happen.

Equally, some kids are 13 in Africa picking up rubbish that we dump there because we can’t be bothered. These are countries dropping it their TVs, fridges, laptops, toxic elements and complaints, and a 13-year-old kid is picking it up to get paid a few dollars to grab some food.



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