Indra Tor
9 min readMay 30, 2021


It’s time again for another blog; I have spent a lot of time looking around and reading up on things.

I have started to do more research into different blockchains and projects going on out there. I am trying to force myself to seek out new things and try not to get too comfortable. It has been fun.

I have a few ideas. I came up with another one today which I love and think would be a first in the UK, but again I need money or support, and that’s the biggest issue with anything. One, its finding people who you cant trust, and two, it’s finding people who share the same passion as you do.

The issue with sharing ideas to anyone is you don’t know what they can do with it. I trust people in this space and have shared most ideas with a few, but I am much more reluctant to share it with someone I don’t know, but I know has money and resources well out of my control.

This makes trust a big issue with anything. The reality should be I can share ideas with anyone, and they wouldn’t try and beat you to it. The reality we live in is not constructed this way.

To give some examples, the biggest one probably was Facebook, which was initially an idea that two other people working with Mark asked him to do. Havardconnections. Instead, Mark took the concept and turned it into Facebook.

Einstein’s theory of reality was initially based on views by Hendrik Lorentz but never got the credit.

Elizabeth Magie, who invented a board game based around landlords, with street names buying and selling it, was called the landlords game. It became popular with Quakers and students. Some 30 years later, Darrow would pitch a board game to the parker brothers. Called Monopoly.

Darrow claims that he came up with the idea for the game, and the Parker brothers, in the end, brought the original patent of the landlord game, giving Elizabeth only 500 dollars at the time for it.

They never credited her with her invention and she never got another dollar.

If you have a good idea truly good idea, be careful who you share it with. No one should get rich off the back of your hard work. If you see people openly asking you for ideas on things, take a step back and think about sharing this. Could this be something with hard work you could do? Are you passionate about it?

This comes back to my comment the last blog in which I explained don’t always listen to loud voices. This rings appropriately here. Everyone in this space that we call the NFT world is new. We are all testing our feet. We are all taking steps and ideas, and no one has any idea about the platform’s future. Yet, there are voices here that seem to have celebrity-like status. Is it because they buy art? Do they have significant Eth balances? Did they sell something worth 20 million dollars?

Think, why am I listening and thinking this person understands the world of NFT. Every brand new artist here will become an expert in NFT given time. You guys will be the next big thing in the space. The only thing different between a lot of us is time. They have been doing it longer.

They have a more significant Eth balance. Now I want you to think genuinely hand on heart. Does this mean you should listen to them? Does this mean you should accept what they are saying over someone smaller who is saying the same thing?

Why are we listening to this person? What are they telling us? What are their actions? I have been listening to several people, big names, medium names etc.

Now my blog is small, but 90 per cent of what they speak about I have covered in my blogs. I have shared that information with you, peeps. I talk about community, growing brands, reaching out, having more than one platform, focusing on yourself, not changing prices etc.

Yet I still hear people in this space wanting to know what to do and what am I doing. Its here in this blog. plenty of other artists have said it, theres discords that talk about it.

Yet we want to hear it from the person with a big following…why? Like, think about it. Why? If we share the same information and go through the same space, we are both walking through unknown lands like many artists are. Who makes you an expert over anyone else?

It’s a hard thing to think about and figure out we are so used to the idea of listening to someone with more experience that we doubt ourselves or doubt listening to other people. Doctors are wrong. According to the new york times, 20 per cent of patients are wrongly diagnosed. Due to a culture that incentivises doctors running doing tests and curing, IE makes the hospital more money, so instead of focusing on what’s wrong, it’s better just to run tests; however, there is little in the way of failing.

This is not the doctor’s fault, but we usually listen to doctors because they are doctors, yet a mother’s gut feeling turns out to be correct. Don’t listen to the mother though. She’s not a doctor.

Historians get things wrong. Teachers outright tell you lies for example I was taught at school you can only taste certain things on certain parts of your tongue. I’m afraid that’s not right, and a lie, but it is still taught at schools even though it’s false.

Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head, equally wrong although he did watch an apple, and this started his theory it didn’t fall on his head.

Why do we listen to teachers because their teachers? You can see an issue. It is the same with the NFT space. I hear plenty of times people would love to see this, and that and these kinds of projects.

Even with prominent collectors, oh, I would love to see new ideas in this space. There are loads. People are doing them all the time.

Take, for example, rattieslil, who sends personal messages and cute things when you grab a NFT. I have heard people asking for this, yet there it is.

I have heard people asking for an rpg blockchain game yeah its called Neon district. Give it a look. I have listened to people asking for battle royal style games its called litenite. Go have a look-see if it's cool.

I hear people saying they want a more RPG like collectable with interactive bits and a story and world behind it. It’s called Voxelslimes, and me and Fcc make it lol.

Yet whenever anyone talks about an idea or projects, its always Apes, Meebits, cryptopunks, punkcomics, NBAtopshot. Cryptokittes

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these projects it’s just I hear about them all the time. When there are countless other projects happening. The only difference is they can’t get traction.

I have often said this community can be anything you want it to be. The days of old where you had to listen to people in power or people with more considerable followers or money are over. Every single one of you has a voice and a place here.

There is worth in you, and don’t let anyone tell you different you being you and you being unique means you have worth on this planet there is only one of you. You are the OG 1/1. This gives you power in yourself. You have value to add to the world.

The issue is our society is built around the idea of convenience, and it now shows. We have a feed that shows us what we think we want, adverts, apps. You name it. We are being stripped of our ability to research and discover we simply now google it. When I say google it you open the first option or never got past the first page. We blindly believe the information, knowing full well someone can pay to be at the top of a search list feeding you wrong information or information you have seen a million times drowning out other voices.
Why would you want to spend 30 mins googling something when everyone on Twitter is chatting about cyrptopunks and may as well look into that.

The amount of information that hits us on a daily is now out of control, and our time and resources are limited to go through it, so we take the easy option.

We interview the same people. We chase the same trends. We follow the same voices. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you see a project, you love spread it, talk about it. If you are passionate about something, scream about it make yourself heard.

Don’t feel you cant push a voice. Look at me; I am, in all fairness, a no one. I have problems like everyone. I have dreams and ideas and stumble just like you guys. I am just done with the idea of being silent for silent sake.

I am just over following trends and essential things in which we are being handed scraps or being given a heart of acknowledgement.

The difference is going against the trend is hard; speaking out is difficult. I will share with you my issue with slimes. I love making slimes. I have so many ideas for them, and I have listened to people say they would love X and X and X and the simple truth is, it’s all planned for voxel slimes. Yet I cannot find transaction; it’s hard even to have people who know about our project almost ghost it in favour of other projects because they are more prominent. Fcc and I don’t have the time or resources, and I fear losing out to someone who does. So I push as hard as I can and keep going. I want to make slimes a success, but I know equally I can’t afford to leave it weeks without updates or push some of the other ideas.

Trying to do something like that is hard, but I looked at collectables in the space. I looked at what was going on, and I wanted something like slimes, so I went and made it.

If this community wants to shine and create amazing things, then you peeps need to share each other things. If your friend is doing a project, share it. If people in your discord are making awesome stuff, then post about it, push it to get the message out. If one of your artist’s friends tells you about crazy ideas, they see an opening in the space, LISTEN to them.

If someones making a gallery share if someone on Twitter wants to try something, help it. Cryptopunks,Apes, kittes don’t need any more support. If people directly around you are trying to make new things, then you should support them.

I see people around me making things, and I am happy to be on board. I have joined ideas and DAOs and helped people behind the scenes with anything. You don’t see me sharing overally hype up stuff that is already huge.

One of my fav people in the space for this is NFTtori. She is always looking for new things on different blockchains and new ideas, and I simply love hearing about them. Not many people want to share that with her and her voice goes unknown most of the time.

Same with Fcc, who makes excellent points and then is often ghosted. I have listened to ideas being shared to platforms, big collectors and everything to fall on deaf ears. This leads to people withdrawing not getting involved.

So please pay attention to your fellow artists and people you love in this space. You don’t need 20k followers or a blue tick or whatever to have a great idea and be heard here. There are no experts in NFT’s it’s all-new for everyone. No one has an idea of the future, no one has an idea of what’s successful and we should as a community WANT to hear from everyone. I want to see interviews with random artists, people big and small, crazy or none crazy ideas.

Otherwise, we will end up in a similar place to what we are all doing now, feeding brands and trends and letting a few overpower the many and we would have lost something special.

Love each other support people with ideas don’t blank them or ghost them or think it’s shit because it’s not x person.

I believe in you all and I know you are all capable of amazing things don’t lose out on this.